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Citrix Networking Newsletter - Issue 8 - July 2015

DECEMBER 2015 - News #10

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Giving Thanks starts NOW with NetScaler’s MPX/SDX 14000 Series!

Citrix just introduced a new NetScaler MPX/SDX 14000 series that targets Enterprise customers. This new platform scales up to 100Gbps throughput capacity, with 45Gbps bulk SSL throughput. It is the most scalable mid-range platform supporting up to 25 instances, and is an excellent device for consolidating multi-appliance deployments and applications. En savoir plus



SD-WAN is the Future of the Enterprise WAN

There is a huge interest in software-defined networking (SDN) within enterprise IT. One of the first places that SDN is proving valuable is with the enterprise-wide area network (WAN); so much so that the term of SD-WAN was coined to refer to this important segment of software-defined networking. En savoir plus



Time to Take a New NetScaler Software Train!

Per Citrix product life cycle, NetScaler 9.x train will reach End Of Life (EOL) right around Halloween. For those that have not taken the steps to get to 10.x, now is the the time! We have lots of awesome features in the 10.x train, so get on board and get the latest 10.5.x software release. En savoir plus



ROI, NPV, IRR, PP, TEI for NetScaler?

In technology, we’re often faced with figuring out new innovative ways of solving long-standing problems and challenges. We’re also forced to become ‘acronym fluent.’ When I first started working for Citrix, I was told by the receptionist that I was part of the “ANG” group, which I simply agreed in response … not really knowing what that stood for. En savoir plus



It’s a Hat Trick! NetScaler Scores a Clean Sweep in all 6 Categories!

One of the hardest things to do in the game of football, is to score a goal. En savoir plus



Citrix NetScaler : Voted 2015 Readers Choice Award Winner!

Citrix is doing its best & proudest celebration dance. Why? Because it’s time to add another award to the Citrix NetScaler trophy case! En savoir plus



ACE/CSM Single Subnet Bridging Mode to NetScaler conversion

At Consulting Services, we are seeing more and more Cisco ACE and CSM deployments being converted to the Citrix NetScaler environments. One common question that pops up frequently is regarding the straight conversion when the ACE/CSM was deployed in ‘Single Subnet Bridging Mode. En savoir plus



Adding a Little NetScaler to Cisco’s Software-Defined World

In today’s world you can tag the term Software-defined to probably anything one can imagine. We all know Software-defined networking (SDN) has really exploded in the last year within the enterprise and it clearly shows why with the recent twitter post by Cisco’s CEO, Chuck Robbins. En savoir plus



New NetScaler Device Package for Cisco ACI

On October 20th, we released the newest device package for Cisco ACI. Citrix was one of the first vendors to collaborate with Cisco on providing a comprehensive suite of integrated network services for ACI with NetScaler. En savoir plus



Red Hat OpenStack & Citrix NetScaler Simplify Deployment of L4-L7 Services

To give customers the ability to automate application delivery network services from OpenStack, Citrix has worked with Red Hat to integrate NetScaler with their OpenStack distribution. En savoir plus



Nuage Networks and Citrix Collaborate for Application Delivery with SDN and OpenStack

The application landscape is changing. Enterprise organizations are deploying complex scale-out applications. These applications have many components that have to work together. An application architecture can include a legacy component that resides on a mainframe, it can have services-oriented architecture components, and there can be new micro services that perform specialized tasks. The network infrastructure is changing in response. En savoir plus



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