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Citrix Networking Newsletter - Issue 8 - July 2015

JULY 2015 - News #8

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#WAN Virtualization

Citrix CloudBridge Virtual WAN: Always-on WAN at up to 80% less cost

CloudBridge Virtual WAN expands the Citrix cloud networking family to bring a solution that utilizes common broadband links to greatly reduce cost while increasing availability of connections between the datacenter and branch. CloudBridge enables you to expand WAN capacity at lower cost, deliver a superior user experience and high availability for all critical applications, fully utilize all network links, better manage and monitor WAN performance… Read more

#WAN Virtualization

CloudBridge receives early warning diagnostic feature to auto-request support from Citrix.

The Citrix “Call Home” feature has been available in NetScaler since version 10,0. We are now pleased to announce that this capability is available with CloudBridge 7,4. Call home enables the appliance to monitor itself for potential failures and outages and send diagnostics to both your and Citrix’s support teams to ensure minimal outages and impact on user experience. En savoir plus



SDN Delivered by Cisco and Citrix at Citrix Synergy 2015

SDN Delivered by Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) and Citrix NetScaler, Breakout Session at Citrix Synergy Orlando 2015 As Citrix CEO Mark Templeton offered his unique perspective on how Citrix is leading the transition to the software-defined workplace, our joint solution with Cisco ACI complemented the delivery of software-defined networking (SDN). The journey on delivering software-defined networks was championed by Cisco with the launch of ACI where... En savoir plus


Citrix NetScaler and Cisco ACI: How it all Works

Citrix and Cisco have been consolidating their key partnership around Cisco’s ACI. The integration of NetScaler with Cisco’s APIC controller brings a huge range of benefits to application delivery in an automated ACI environment. There are several interesting technologies being leveraged to deliver this joint solution… Read more


#Network Security

NetScaler Web-Based Authentication

In high security applications, the use of two-factor authentication (2FA) is often a hard requirement to provide enhanced security and meet more stringent compliance requirements. With 2FA, users are required to provide two means of identification credentials for authentication. The most common example of 2FA is the use of traditional user name and password credentials in combination with a personal identification number (PIN) or token. 2FA can be... En savoir plus



Citrix NetScaler VPX on Microsoft Azure Accelerates Your Applications in the Cloud

With the announcement that Microsoft now offers NetScaler as part of their Azure cloud computing solution, organizations can now leverage resources between a private datacenter and the cloud enabling greater efficiency and agility for IT infrastructure. Add in NetScaler’s capabilities as an application delivery controller and you have a hybrid environment that is optimized for high performance, and provides an always-on, always-secure foundation for applications. En savoir plus


#Cisco Ace Migration

Cisco ACE Migration Tool Available in Citrix Insight Services!

Citrix NetScaler is the recommended replacement product for Cisco ACE according to Cisco themselves. With the ACE Migration Tool now available in the Citrix Insight Services platform, converting your existing ACE configuration files to NetScaler configuration files takes only seconds. Begin by gathering up your Cisco ACE configuration files. Please note that this tool converts one ACE virtual context configuration file to... En savoir plus



Citrix Synergy Networking Sessions are available On-demand!

Following on from a great week in Orlando for Synergy, recordings of all of the Citrix networking sessions are now available. Some great product updates and technical sessions are available for review so jump in! Take a look



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