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Citrix Networking Newsletter - Issue 11 - March 2016

MARCH 2016 - News #11

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Citrix Delivering Next-Generation ADC for IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT)–rapidly becoming the cornerstone of organizational forward-thinking technology strategy–represents the epitome of distributed computing at scale. En savoir plus



NetScaler VPX Hits a New 100Gbps High!

If NetScaler VPX were an opera singer, glassware would be shattering all around us right now. This week, we broke a new barrier — err, glass — we hit a new performance high with the virtual edition of NetScaler, the NetScaler VPX, that will resonate with large scale datacenter operators such as service providers, large enterprise and clouds making inroads with network function virtualization (NFV). En savoir plus



Configuration Notes on nFactor

nFactor authentication gives administrators an easy, flexible way to authenticate users, based on different kinds of user access, credentials provided or application demands. En savoir plus



Citrix NetScaler Rocks Networking Field Day 11

If you have been looking to get up to speed on the latest innovations from NetScaler and wanting to learn about where we are going with the product, the NetScaler team has you covered with five recorded video presentations from the Networking Field Day 11 session. En savoir plus



Citrix NetScaler Courses Rock & We Have the Data to Prove It!

We all know that Citrix NetScaler is an amazing solution for application delivery, and offers versatility regardless of your use case. But like any capable tool, you need to have the technical know-how to maximize its potential. Citrix Education is here to help! En savoir plus



Exciting New Features Take Command Center Another Step Ahead!

I am extremely happy to announce the release of Command Center 5,2 Maintenance Release 4!
This release brings with it a whole new set of features designed to bring customized configuration replication, sturdier administrative functionalities, improved usability and an advanced Database Monitoring support. En savoir plus



Citrix NetScaler CPX a Lightweight Alternative for Cloud Providers

Citrix NetScaler, a full-fledged application delivery controller (ADC) has recently introduced a new, lighter version of itself.
Made to fit in small-scale cloud applications and container-style deployments, the new CPX is a micro-form of NetScaler. En savoir plus



Citrix Workspace Delivery Platform: The Best Networking Solution for XenApp & XenDesktop

At Citrix Summit 2016, Citrix is introducing Workspace Delivery Platform: a comprehensive networking solution that allows you to deliver a seamless, secure XenApp and XenDesktop user experience from anywhere, over any network. En savoir plus



Patch Management Endpoint Analysis on NetScaler Gateway

How to configure Microsoft patch management check on NetScaler Gateway. En savoir plus



SD-WAN : Gartner Speaks Out

Gartner has taken notice of the SD-WAN space, and recently published its Market Guide for Software-Defined WAN.* In the report, Gartner recognizes Citrix CloudBridge as an SD-WAN solution. En savoir plus



NetScaler SAML SSO for Google Apps with Kerberos / NTLM Client Side Authentication

Today, let’s take a look at one further enhancement, which involves the NetScaler acting as a SAML IDP, with Kerberos as primary client side authentication method, and NTLM as a fallback. We will use Google Apps as an integration end point for our demonstration. En savoir plus



Configuration Notes for NTLM Authentication Using NTLM WebAuth

For NTLM user-side authentication NetScaler had traditionally used SMB Protocol to establish connection with Domain Controller and authenticate users. En savoir plus



Zooming in on RDP Proxy on Unified Gateway

RDP Proxy features was initially released in NetScaler 10.5.e release, and was made GA with the 11,0 release. There was a lot of questions about it when it was first released, and some misunderstandings too. Read on to get a understanding on what RDP proxy @ NSGW can do for you. En savoir plus



New VPN Default in NetScaler 11,0

When NetScaler Gateway was initially designed, the whole idea of this gateway was to act as the secure entry point into the corporate intranet via a VPN tunnel. There were only two mode of operations Clientless VPN (popularly known as CVPN) and Full VPN. En savoir plus



Using Let’s Encrypt for free SSL Certs with Netscaler

If you haven’t heard, Let’s Encrypt ( has its free and open CA service up and running and in public beta.
That means right now, you can go get yourself free SSL certificates for any web property that you own. En savoir plus



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