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Citrix Networking Newsletter - Issue 13 - September 2016

September 2016 - News #13

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Why Citrix is offering a FREE Container-Based ADC for Developers?

Great question! But before I share the story—just sit right there—all about how Citrix flipped-turned upside-down—the Application Delivery Controller (ADC) market with NetScaler CPX Express, though, I’d like to take a minute share a short history of how ADCs became the gatekeepers to enterprise datacenters and the cloud. En savoir plus



SCOM NetScaler Management Pack Resource Consumption & Performance Overview

Increase in popularity of Citrix NetScaler brings a noticeable change in the sense that monitoring of the product becomes more and more important. This is where Citrix SCOM Management Pack for NetScaler (NetScaler Management Pack) comes into the picture. En savoir plus



Is Your Networking Team Ready for NetScaler?

Given the many use cases for NetScaler and its broad array of features, how can you be sure that your IT team has the right skills and knowledge to implement and manage the solution for your particular scenario? En savoir plus



If HTTPoxy Threatens… NetScaler Protects!

Does Heartbleed ring a bell? Not the human Heartbleed; but the pun version of it given as a name to a bug that exploited the TLS/SSL heartbeat function to bleed off data from a vulnerable server. If you haven’t heard of Heartbleed, Poodle, Logjam or the dystopian Shellshock may bring back memories. These are all security bugs of course – bugs with impressive names! En savoir plus



SDN & Cisco ACI: Simplifying Application Delivery Automation

Cisco’s focus at this year’s event was clear: partners bring value, and if you’ll pardon my bias as one of the best partners, one who’s plutonically aligned, Citrix NetScaler brings the most important component to any network: application delivery. En savoir plus



Solve Your Network Services Management Challenge: NetScaler MAS with Cisco ACI

We just returned from a successful engagement at Cisco Live in Las Vegas where we demonstrated our integration with Cisco ACI that features the new NetScaler Management and Analytics System (NetScaler MAS). En savoir plus



Scaling with the Cloud at AWS Summit Santa Clara

Wow! It’s been a pretty intense couple months since AWS announced the AWS Accelerator Program for Citrix back at Synergy in May. As one of the people who helped launch it, I’ve experienced not only the exhilaration that comes along with scaling a business rapidly, but also some of the unavoidable pains that come with along with that. En savoir plus



Azure Resource Manager, Citrix Cloud & Hybrid Deployment … OH MY!

A few months’ ago, I wrote a blog post discussing the architecture of a Citrix Cloud solution that leverages NetScaler’s Azure VPN capabilities. This solution was limited to Azure Classic mode, which, up until July 4th, was the only supported native provisioning method for Azure. En savoir plus



10 Reasons to Choose NetScaler to Support Your XenApp and XenDesktop Deployments

You’ve chosen XenApp and XenDesktop as your virtual app and desktop solution. Congrats, on that important decision! Now that you’ve got your virtualization and mobility initiatives covered, the next thing that should come to mind is securely delivering those apps to all your users. En savoir plus



DirectAccess: There’s No Such Thing as Free Remote Access

DirectAccess is a feature of Windows that allows a PC to automatically connect to the corporate network whenever it detects an Internet connection. It’s been around for years, but has recently gained increased attention from organisations deploying SurfaceTM Pro or other Windows 10 hybrid devices. En savoir plus



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